100% Medical Grade Disposable Latex Foley Catheter All Sizes for Hospital Use

100% Medical Grade Disposable Latex Foley Catheter All Sizes for Hospital Use

Short Description:

1.Our products are made from high quality grade medical latex rubber.

2.Smooth, Antibacterial, Anti-back flow.

3.High biocompatibility, anti-aging performance and easy drainage flow.

4.Retention time of human body is up to 30 days.

5.The use of this product shall be carried out by a trained medical professional and it shall be destroyed and properly handled after use.

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Latex foley catheter is made from 100% medical grade latex with superior biocompatibility. It consists of silicone coated tube with X-ray detective line and PVC tip in different color. The tube is 270mm(for pediatric & female) and 400mm(for male adult). And the tip is in different types too---1-way,2-way and 3-way; couvelaire, dufour, delinotte, haematuria, couvelaire.. What’s more, ballons are available different cc. Foley catheter is used in departments of urology, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and gynecology for drainage of urine and medication. It is also used for patients suffering form moving with difficulty or being completely bed-ridden.


Product Name Latex foley catheter
Material Latex, Medical grade latex coated
Length 270mm(pediatric),400mm(standard)
Type 1-way,2-way,3-way
Size Pediatric, adult, female;6-26FR
Balloon capacity 3-5ml/cc, 5-15ml/cc, 15-30ml/cc
Stock No
Shelf life 3 years
Color Different colors coded
Certificate CE&ISO
Disinfecting Type EO
Packing Plastic paper, sterile, 1 pcs/blister packing
Usage Indwelling or hemostasia urethral catheterization, bladder drip
MOQ 5000


Size(Ch/Fr) Length(mm) Color code Balloon
1-way standard
6-26 400 all non
2-way Pediatric
6 270 Light red 3
8 270 Black 5
10 270 Grey 5
2-way Female
12 270 White 15
14 270 Green 15
16 270 Orange 15
18 270 Red 30
20 270 Yellow 30
22 270 Violet 30
2-way Standard
12 400 White 15
14 400 Green 15
16 400 Orange 15
18 400 Red 30
20 400 Yellow 30
22 400 Violet 30
24 400 Blue 30
26 400 Pink 30
3-way Standard      
14-26 400 all 5-15/30


The Urethral cathetersare passed through the urethra during urinary catheterization and into the bladder to drain urine, or for inserting fluids into the bladder.


Surgical supplies, regular health-care follow-ups after operations.


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